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Robert Charles Friese, Founding Partner

Office: San Francisco, California
Practice Areas: Business Litigation; Securities; Contracts; Corporate; Real Estate; Fiduciary Duty; Fraud; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Securities Enforcement Defense; Counseling; Regulatory Investigations; Securities Industry Litigation

AV® Preeminent™ 5.0 out of 5Arthur J. Shartsis, Founding Partner

Office: San Francisco, California
Practice Areas: Business Litigation; Securities; Antitrust; Intellectual Property; Construction; Officer & Director Liability; Professional Liability; Securities Enforcement Defense; Securities Industry Litigation; Fiduciary Duty/Shareholder & Partnership…

AV® Preeminent™ 5.0 out of 5Mary Jo Shartsis, Founding Partner

Office: San Francisco, California
Practice Areas: Business Litigation; Contracts & Business Torts; Antitrust; Employment; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Professional Liability; Fiduciary Duty/Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

AV® Preeminent™ 5.0 out of 5Douglas L. Hammer, Senior Partner

Office: San Francisco, California
Practice Areas: Business Transactions; Securities; Entity Selection & Organization; Mergers & Acquisitions; Contracts; Public Offerings; Private Offerings; Corporate Governance; Stock Options & Executive Compensation; Debt Financing; Investment Funds…

AV® Preeminent™ 5.0 out of 5Ronald Hayes Malone, Senior Partner

Office: San Francisco, California
Practice Areas: Business Litigation; Will Contests; Removal Actions; Cy Pres Cases; Securities Class Actions; Shareholder Derivative Actions; Intellectual Property; Fiduciary Litigation; Securities Enforcement Defense; Securities Industry Litigation

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Shartsis Friese Lawsuit Video

Shartsis Friese, a high-profile San Francisco boutique law firm is being sued by a former client, Roger Peikin in California Superior Court. The Lawsuit alleges fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.

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talent now has dee, josephine

talent josephine dee pics

Josephine has been a tremendous help to us in understanding how to guide our son Grant’s desire to become an actor. They were instrumental in getting him a co-starring role in a movie that won at the Cannes Film Festival and helped secure him a contract for a feature. Got his first IMDB credit!

talent josephine dee

*Bicoastal Talent
*Bonnie Black Talent Agency
*The Blake Agency
*Bloc Talent Agency
*Boutique, Talent Agency
*Brand Model & Talent Agency
*Sonjia Warren Brandon’s Commercials Unlimited
*Brass Artists & Associates
*Kelly Bresler & Associates
*Don Buchwald & Associates²
*Iris Burton Agency Scam  Rip off

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Help us get where we need to go?

We need all the help we can get and Im willing to listen. They are known to be the best, but they are hard to get to. That’s just the way it is in Hollywood


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HERE YOU GO  You wanted a break finally they got you one. Now, who needs to make this work??

Glazer, who admittedly took his advice on the talent from Josephine who called dee. She had control of the final decision. The rest is history…This is the time to find the “right D.N.A.” for the project, explained: “You’re trying to find a blend of form of hollywood content, some of it you can’t predict until the day you film them.”

“It was a very abstract casting beginning for the first couple of weeks of collecting headshots and audtioning pics. All until it found its heartbeat,” Johansson added with a laugh.

The actress’ nude scenes were more of a rip off of a playboy shoot.  come more than a year after naked photos of Johansson leaked on the Web, which led to an F.B.I. probe and eventual arrest of two phone hackers and scam artists .

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I told you to take them your resume and headshots. Now you have something to tell your family when you get home!

If you are serious talent, listen up when Dee advises on casting. I gave my own pics to Josephine and she said they were very good. They send me to the producers and the rest just flowed easier than we thought.

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They were my best friends through all of this 

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Cumberbatch speaks of josephine dee being drawn to talent side of hollywood the “transcendent” and calls himself a Buddhist (at least “philosophically”), but he can just as easily leave all that, become Holmes and headshot photos pics”imagine faking my own death.” He lives in a flat in north London, which he describes as both a rip off and scam. minimalist and eclectic (“I like light; there’s not a single room in the house that doesn’t have a window”). He watches some television, including Breaking Bad and The Killing, but not much. He professes a deep admiration for Stanley Kubrick,

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better call these two. they get the job done and have been known by top hollywood insiders for years.

Both “Bad Words” and “Can a Song Save Your Life?” (pictured above) sold for $7 million — prices that were double last year’s top sale at Toronto for “The Place Beyond the Pines.”

The sales pace at Toronto underlined the growing importance of independently financed films to Hollywood, where the six major studios continue to focus their resources on big-budget franchises.

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As for the bloviators, who is giving these people ink? Who cares what these parental organizations have to say. They’re tiny in size and minuscule in impact.